Okay, so ya mighta heard that EMI is suing MP3tunes.

But I bet ya didn’t know why?

Turns that the music label believes that consumers aren’t allowed to store their music files online, and feels that MP3tunes is violating copyright law by providing a backup service.

Yes, despite the courts telling EMI last March it couldn’t demand that MP3tunes turn over all the music stored by customers on its servers, it is suing ‘em anyways.

So today MP3tunes’ CEO Michael Robertson sent out an email to all users of his online music backup and place-shifting service asking them to help publicize EMI’s lawsuit.

Here’s part of Robertson’s email from earlier today:

As you may be aware, the major record label EMI has sued MP3tunes, claiming our service is illegal. You can read about the case here. Much is at stake — if you don’t have the right to store your own music online then you won’t have the right to store ebooks, videos and other digital products as well. The notion of ownership in the 21st century will evaporate. The idea of ownership is important to me and I want to make sure I have that right and my kids do too.

Plus, Robertson wrote the following on his corporate blog:

Files are not MP3tunes’ possessions any more than the contents of a safety deposit box are owned by the bank that houses them. The storage provided by MP3tunes is the user’s own space. A Locker is empty when someone opens an account and that customer decides what files are placed into their Locker. All files are stored at the request of the user. People who choose to utilize remote storage should be guaranteed the same level of privacy they have for the files stored on their local hard disk.

Good point…

So with this in mind, here some of the lyrics to “EMI” by the Sex Pistols:

There’s an ulimited supply
And there is no reason why
I tell you it was all a frame
They only did it cos the fame!


Too many people had the suss
Too many people support us
An unlimited amount
Too many out lets in and out


And sir and friends are crucified
A day they wish that we had died
We are an addition
We are ruled by none

Never ever!

And you thought that we were faking
That we were all just money making
You do not believe we’re for real
Or you would lose your cheap appeal ?

Don’t judge a book by the cover
Unless you cover just another
And blind acceptance is a sign
Of stupid fools who stand in line
Like EMI!

Unlimited edition with an unlimited supply
That was the only reason we all had to say goodbye!

Unlimited supply
There is no reason why
I tell you it was all a frame
They only did it cos the fame!
I do not need the pressure
I can’t stand the useless fools!
Unlimited supply

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