According to Michael Bay’s super official blog, the director himself has this to say about recent rumors surrounding the sequel to Transformers:

Sorry everyone, everything you are reading (other then we are shooting in Philly) is false. We are going to give so much disinformation on this film to confuse everyone -


Wow. That’s awesome. Thanks for that super update Michael. Now we can all sleep easy knowing everything we read about Transformers 2 will be false. We were all so confused up till this point. Are robots in this movie? Will there be humans in it? Will the robots fight each other? Will the humans have stupid dialogue and try to be funny? Will you use your patented sweeping camera technique 500 times? Will you use the most generic score possible to convey the emotions you’re unable to get out of your actors? Was Robert at IESB wrong about the Constructicons? What, are you putting Grimlock in the movie instead? Give me a break.

Here are some examples Michael is referring to that we think may be true:

1. It will be a good movie.

2. It is being directed by one of the most talented directors in Hollywood.

3. Michael Bay cares about the fans of Transformers.

4. There will not be a scene where robots play peek-a-boo around a house, wasting valuable budget dollars. In fact, there will will be no wasted dollars on this sequel.

5. Michael Bay has a kind soul.

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  1. Transformers 2 — April 24, 2008 @ 10:39 am

    Michael Bay said he was going to do this 5 months ago; I don’t know why everyone seems so surprised? It is actually quite savvy, and the fact that it has the fanboys fuming is utterly hilarious. I say good show.

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