McG’s “T4″, which was in active pre-production for a May 2009 release, may have been shut down by Warner Brothers.  According to my source, a crew member was recently overheard discussing his newfound free schedule due to the production shutting down.

Terminator 4’s cast includes Christian Bale as John Connor, Anton Yelchin as Kyle Reese and Avatar’s Sam Worthington.  No word yet on how official this is, although I expect an official announcement soon.

I don’t see this as bad news.  While I’m not necessarily a McG-hater, I just wasn’t feeling this.  The saga has been driven into the ground at this point and needs to be terminated altogether.  I’d rather hear that they’ve shut down to regroup and make this the best it can be rather than have it fast-tracked and half-assed.  Although, if it were my judgment day, this production wouldn’t have even gotten as far as it had.

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