According to a recent posting on Phillip Elmer-DeWitt’s Apple 2.0 column over at CNN, JPMorgan analyst Mark Moskowitz has issued a “cautiously optimistic” report on Apple based primarily on “stronger-than-expected” MacBook sales” for the quarter ending in March. According to Moskowitz, computer sales usually fall-off after Christmas, but Apple has actually had a sales increase — albeit a small one at only 0.2%.

However, that increase is still better than sales for other PC’s, which according to the report, fell 9% in the same quarter. In spite of the sales increase, there still may be other issues that have an effect on Apple’s bottom line this year. According to Moskowicz, there may be some difficulty for Apple if the company is not able to deliver a 3G iPhone by Summer.

“As long as there is nothing to suggest that a summer launch of the 3G phone is not a possibility, we would expect investors to look past any near-term disappointment in iPhones,” said Moskowitz in his report. The report doesn’t specify which MacBook model is responsible for the slight increase in sales for Apple. But with the MacBook Air having just been released during the last quarter, perhaps it deserves the credit?

Apple will release its quarterly earnings report on April 23rd.

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