It has finally begun the eagerly anticipated Tintin movies which are the collaboration of two giants of Hollywood direction Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg has commenced filming. The first Tintin movie is being directed by action director extraordinaire James Cameron who is known for films such as Speed and is apparently at the avatar stage. James Cameron is believed to be filming the first Tintin movie while Jackson and Spielberg are now known to be directing one Tintin movie each to complete a trilogy of Tintin films. The Tintin movies are being filmed back to back for expediency and financial costing.

Andy Serkis of who has worked with Jackson before when he starred as Gollum in the Lord of the Rings films has been picked to play one of the main roles in the Tintin movie as thejames cameron.jpg lovable Captain Haddock. Andy Serkis who was recently on the new set said of the experience”We had an incredible week. Cameron was there, Peter Jackson was there and Steven Spielberg was there. All in the same room!”

When Andy Serkis was asked what the process was like he answered “You’re on a bare empty stage with actors standing around in blue lycra with dots on, but (on another monitor) the director is looking into a fully rendered, three dimensional virtual set, with actors as their children,” Serkis revealed, discussing the ground breaking technology Cameron has employed on this film.

The technology used is stop gap animation techniques that were first used on the Lord of the Rings movies but have now been developed even further in New Zealand where Peter Jackson has his Weta Workshop. It was whispered that Jackson spent a whole year developing a twenty minute demo of the look of the new Tintin movies that were said to of wowed the backers.

_39969671_tintin1.jpgThe movies are going to have a large budget that is reported be over one hundred million pounds for the three Tintin movies. This has got Nick Rodwell the official of keeper the Tintin legacy passed down by Tintin’s creator Georges Remi excited. The arguments are intensifying on the worldwide web as there are still many people not convinced by the thought of Tintin movie. There were two Tintin films in the 1960’s which were live action productions and they were met mixed reviews.┬á Avid Tintin fans love the style of the Tintin albums for the look and feel of the ligne claire style which are simple line drawings that have a elegance which will be hard to capture on camera. It seems there is more to come on the rumour mill before we see the first Tintin movie which is scheduled to finish post production is 2009.

The eagerly anticipated Tintin moive trilogy has finally started filming and is reported to be in the avatar stage. Andy Serkis who is to play the lovable rogue Captain Haddock has been wowed by the experience so far. The first Tintin movie is going to be one of the biggest films of 2009.

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  1. TheMan — April 9, 2008 @ 8:04 pm

    Uhh.. Cameron directed Speed? Really? Does Jan de Bont know that?

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