Now that the movie has been finished, will Darabont at last get to see his name on the big screen for an Indiana Jones adventure? “Nope. Not on this one,” Darabont said last week. “I know there are some common elements to what I gave Steven [Spielberg] and what was eventually shot, but I guess not enough to warrant credit. It’s clearly a disappointment, especially after Steven loved my script.”

In the Indy universe it’s the penitent man who passes, and for his part, Darabont bows down before Spielberg, saying he “wouldn’t hesitate to work with Steven again.” The same can’t be said of George Lucas, however, who has probably seen the last of the “Shawshank” scripter. Would Darabont ever consider, for instance, working on the “Star Wars” television series? “Honestly our storytelling sensibilities have diverged to the point where that would be a pointless exercise,” he said of Mr. Lucas.

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