The Los Angeles animation industry has a trade union called The Animation Guild (TAG), also known as Local 839 IATSE. Every year their president, Kevin Koch and the Business Representative, Steve Hulett organize an earnings survey of their members salaries.

This year, the median wages (in US dollars) for a 40 hour week averaged : Directors (theatrical) $3,005. Directors (television) $2,400. Story Artists (feature) $2,250. Staff Writers $2,344. Production Board (television) $1,900. Visual Development $2,125. Background Layout/Design $1,800. Technical Directors $1,885. 3-D Animators $1,745

Here’s the link to the complete 2008 survey (Acrobat PDF File).

In the UK the animation industry is represented by BECTU, whose own wages survey can be found on this page.

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