(Source: screenrant.com)              Iron Man fans weren’t too happy to learn that their film wouldn’t open in April and may even have felt like fools for thinking it would open more than a day early.

A few weeks back it had been mistakenly reported on a number of movie news sites that Iron Man would be released not on May 2nd, but instead on April 30th. At the time that was refuted and it turned out that the April opening date was for the international release of the film. It seems that in a bit of marketing hype, Paramount has decided to do an unusual staggered rollout for the film in the U.S.

The movie will be rolled out in the last week of April, but on different dates depending on the U.S. city. No details have been announced yet on the exact release schedule, so your best bet would be to just pick up the phone and call your local theater to find out on which day Iron Man will be opening in your city.

People who’ve been getting excited about Iron Man should be excited about this news as anticipation for the film has grown. I would imagine that bigger cities like NY and LA will get the earlier dates and then it will go on from there.

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