(Source: Narniaweb.com)           NarniaWebber Reepi obtained an interview with Carlos Pedroza who works for the special effects company The Third Floor.

Reepi: What were you exactly doing when working for Narnia? CP: The work I did on Prince Caspian was in a sequence called “River God” sequence. Parts of it show up in the trailer. I work at a previsualization company called The Third Floor, and I worked on this sequence at the “Post-viz” stage, where we take the previsualization and match it up with the actual shot footage which was shot against bluescreen. It is a hybrid between previsualization and final vfx shot. This allows the final vfx artists to do their effects the way the shot was meant to be.

Reepi: What was it like?

CP: I liked it. I was fortunate enough to be working with the most talented people in the industry on that show at The Third Floor (that is the name of the previs company where I work).

Reepi: What was your biggest challenge when working on it?

CP: This was a bit more complicated than regular “all CG” previs, since we had to first matchmove the film plates with bluescreen and composite them on the original previs.

Reepi: Are there any stories regarding your work on “Narnia” you can tell us?

CP: I can’t think of any. All I can say is that the work was a lot of fun.

Reepi: What do you think about the movie “Narnia”?

CP: I like everything about it. I loved the first one and I hope Prince Caspian can be on the same level of storytelling, character development, artistic design, etc, as the first one.

2 Comments to “Prince Caspian Invents “Post-Vis””

  1. Hugh — March 28, 2008 @ 2:21 am

    “Invents”? Really?

    One of my first shows in the industry (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) had someone on-set doing this kind of thing. And I’ve worked on other shows since where there’s been someone working with the editorial dept doing really rough tracks and comps so that they’ve got something to cut into the film…

    I wasn’t aware that this whole thing was all that new!

  2. tommyb123 — March 28, 2008 @ 10:24 am

    it isn’t. :) welcome to the hype!

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