While negotiations for China may have gone cold, its nearby neighbor Singapore may already have lined up its iPhone launch months in advance, claims Channel NewsAsia.

The southeast Asian publication cites industry contacts who are reportedly aware that the city-state’s primary carrier, SingTel, has “more or less sealed the deal” and will offer the phone in September for about $690 in Singapore dollars, or $497 US.

In a departure from its traditional model, however, Apple may allegedly drop its usual demand for a revenue-sharing model in the face of resistance from SingTel. Instead, the iPhone maker may opt for a scheme more familiar to cellphones, where the up-front price of the phone is subsidized by the carrier but the monthly revenues are that carrier’s alone.

The belief is partly founded on statements by Apple COO Tim Cook, who said his company wasn’t married to the revenue sharing deals struck in Europe and the US.

Neither Apple nor SingTel has commented on the claim.

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