Sun announced that they are developing a Java Virtual Machine for Apple’s iPhone with the newly released Software Development Kit (SDK).

“We’re going to make sure that the JVM offers the Java applications as much access to the native functionality of the iPhone as possible,” he said.

The specific version of Java will be based on the Java Micro Edition (ME) and will open the iPhone to a large library of existing Java applications. Sun’s announcement comes after reviewing the iPhone SDK since its release just on Thursday. Sun expects to release this version of Java “some time after June”.

Sun maintains a sample library of Java ME games and applications. This list includes EA Sims Bowling, Scrabble, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Libris eBook reader, and more.

Sun adds its name to a list of other developers who have already announced support for the iPhone. Others include Gameloft, Omnigroup, Freeverse, SixApart, reQall, EA, and Epocrates.

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