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One more reason why we can’t wait for the iPhone SDK to drop. GameSetWatch has a short interview up with developer Steve D of Demiforce about his new iPhone game, Trism. It’s a Bejeweled-like gem matching puzzle game, but the twist is that after getting matched, the gems fall in the direction that the iPhone’s accelerometer tells them to fall. It’s wild stuff, and you can see it clearly in the video above.

He’s playing the game on a jailbroken iPhone, but it’s still a work in progress, so the game isn’t available to the public yet. Depending on the terms of the iPhone SDK, he’s looking at porting it over to that and releasing it via whatever distribution system Apple comes up with. And he cooked this thing up in about ten days (he wanted to rush it to show it off at GDC last week), so if Apple is able to include smaller developers like Steve in their SDK setup, we’ll see some terrific software come off the line in no time at all.

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