We realize Rock Band’s track listings aren’t exactly nuclear secrets or anything, but damn, Harmonix sure has a hard time keeping them under wraps. This month, the entire March schedule of downloadable songs have hit the internet, in the form of a scan of an advertisement from an as-yet unpublished Official Xbox Magazine.

Still could be fake, but it’s seems real to us. Here’s the list:

Week of March 4: Thrash Pack

  • Blinded By Fear - At The Gates
  • Thrasher – Evile
  • Shadow World – Haunted

Week of March 11:

  • Shooting Star – Bad Company *Cover*
  • Simple Man – Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • Message In A Bottle – Police

Week of March 18: Nine Inch Nails Pack

  • March Of The Pigs
  • The Collector
  • The Perfect Drug

Week of Mar. 25: Metal Pack

  • Wrathchild – Ironmaiden *Cover*
  • Supernaut – Black Sabbath *Cover*
  • Fuel – Metallica

Here’s a pic, from the source.

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