Late last week a Microsoft exec let slip that former EA Chicago studio head Kudo Tsunoda, the man responsible for such hits as Fight Night: Round 3 and such non-hits as Def Jam: Icon, had joined Microsoft Game Studios and took the position of Project Lead on the next Gears of War title.

Today Microsoft issued a statement to commenting on these rumors:

“”Kudo Tsunoda has joined Microsoft Games Studios, reporting to Shane Kim,” it said. Seeing as how Shane Kim is the head of MGS, it is indeed true that Tsunoda is in the Xbox 360 sphere of influence; in what capacity is yet to be confirmed. Circulating rumors point to next month’s Game Developers Conference as the unveiling of Gears 2, so more information about this story may come to light in the coming weeks, and we’ll definitely have it for you once the situation is sorted out.

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