OK, this is cool. Starting today, properties from the The Jim Henson Company are coming to iTunes. The complete first seasons of Farscape and Fraggle Rock are available now for $1.99 an episode. According to the company’s press release, the entire series should be available on the site in the coming months.

Now, I never watched Farscape, but I was pretty familiar with the various controversies over home video rights and for the show and how difficult it is to find on DVD. I can only guess that legions of Farscape fans will be happy to be able to download first season episodes from iTunes.

As for Fraggle Rock, itis actually the only “Muppet” property not owned by The Walt Disney Company (in 2004 The Jim Henson Company sold the rights to The Muppets and a few other properties to Disney), and as a result it’s trek to DVD has not been as drawn out (though in the US we’re still only up to season 3).

Now that the TV season is pretty much at a standstill (we have Project Runway and American Idol, but that’s about it), watching 25 year old Muppets sing songs or watching a beloved Sci-Fi show on the Mac or Apple TV is a bit more enticing than watching the emergency season of Big Brother.

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