(Source: TheFeed) Remember the other day when we reported that Hilary Clinton was overheard telling her daughter that she couldn’t figure out why her Tivo was erasing all her shows for stuff it “thought” she wanted instead?

Well, a Tivo rep contacted us and issued the following statement for us to pass along to the presidential candidate:

“A simple problem calls for a simpler solution! We’d like to send the ‘TiVo man’ himself straight to the campaign trail to teach Hillary everything there is to know about our product in just five minutes (yes, 5 minutes!). We know it will take no time at all to show Mrs. Clinton the right buttons to push so she can rest assured that while she’s on the road, America’s favorite DVR is not skipping a beat.”

Wow! Tivo contacted lil’ ol’ us directly about this! I can’t even get them on the phone when my box goes down! And they seem to think we have Mrs. Clinton’s ear! Amazing! I’m scared to tell them that Hilary would likely run in fear if I ever approached her to chat.

Oh, and according to TVGuide, Hilary’s favorite TV shows are HGTV makeover shows, Grey’s Anatomy, Antiques Roadshow, American Idol and Dancing with the Stars. And since American Idol starts again next Tuesday, baby, you better get your TiVo sitch worked out pronto!

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