MacWindows reports that CrossOver (which was already doing pretty well with Windows games inside OS X) is planning to release a gaming-optimized version of their virtualization software. It’ll be called CrossOver Gaming, and while we’re not actually given details of how it’s going to be “optimized” for games, we are told that it will be compatible with more Windows games than ever before.

Additionally, the new version will actually be a subscription model– instead of just buying the software, you’ll pay $5 a month (presumably for quick updates on brand new games). Other than that, we’re not quite sure what advantage CrossOver’s system will have over, say, running games in Windows via Boot Camp (seems to me that if you have the hardware to run Windows games, you have the hardware to run Windows and games at the same time), but we’ll have to see– CrossOver says the new Gaming version is due sometime later this year.

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