The upcoming Pixar computer-animated movie WALL-E (the touching story of the last robot on earth) will be accompanied by the videogame. Wow! Who could have predicted it?

The WALL-E game, from longtime Pixar game producers THQ, is cross-platform, so you’ll be able to play it on every single currrent and last generation videogame system. Here’s the official description:

Players will take control of WALL-E and EVE through a fast-paced adventure based on the upcoming Disney•Pixar film. The game will allow fans to relive some of the movie’s most thrilling moments as they explore 10 worlds filled with non-stop action and adventure, along with head-to-head multiplayer challenges. Players will recognize the storyline, characters and key locations from the WALL-E film as they carry out intense missions, dodge dangerous enemies and navigate their way through a futuristic world. In addition, the game will contain new storylines and environments that movie-goers will not see in theaters.

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