The Governator is eyeing a return to the big screen (Yep, we may just get see the old rusty T-800 in “Terminator Salvation” after all – doubtful though, me thinks).

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the ageing Mr. Freeze has been inspired by buddies and fellow 80s action heroes Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis’s recent reign at the box office to whack his junk back up there on the white screen behind the red curtains.

According to the article, Schwarzenegger would possibly return to work in 2011.

“A few high-profile writers of action films who wished not to be ID’d (you know how that is) were heard conferring that before the strike hit, agents were putting out feelers for material and pitches to develop projects with Schwarzenegger in mind”, says columnist Ray Richmond. “Nothing specific yet. All just preliminary stuff. What this means is that Arnold isn’t so very interested in running for the Senate and potentially spending all of that time in boring old Washington, D.C., California/Austria boy that he is. He also still can’t run for president, as we know, since he isn’t a natural-born U.S. citizen. There was once talk about trying to amend the Constitution and all of that, but our forefathers put the kibosh on that idea.”

60-year-old Schwarzenegger’s last starring role before governing Kaliforneeya was “Terminator 3 : Rise of the Machines” in 2003..

Interesting enough, AB King was the first person to post in the ‘talkback’ section at the bottom of the below article.

Says the-fan-named-after-exercise-equipment, “This is a SMART move by Arnie to start developing film projects a few years before 2011! Fans and moviegoers will welcome the oak like the second coming! Hopefully, some of Arnold’s older film projects like the new CONAN film by John McTiernan get made with Arnie; Hopefully Arnie is in TERMINATOR SALVATION, T5 and T6; Fans want James Cameron to direct Schwarzenegger’s CRUSADE (this would be a GREAT epic action film); Fans want TRUE LIES 2 and DOC SAVAGE. Welcome back to films Governor, we’ve missed you!!!!

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