Here are some new trailers of note for you to enjoy at your leisure:

The Eye – Remember that movie where Seth Green got a hand transplant or something, and it turned out to be the hand of a madman? Well, Alba was in that and now she stars as a blind gal in this retelling of the old classic transplant-from-the-wrong-person tale. It looks pretty cool except I’m sure the ghosts turn out to be her friends, just like every lame ghost movie nowadays.
Due out February 1, 2008

WALL*E – Some films rely heavily on the pedigree of those involved to get you hooked into a trailer. WALL*E is no exception and it works in a big way. Think about it, at one lunch meeting they came up with everything they would work on for 10+ years, and it’s all been pretty dern good, too.
Arriving Summer, 2008

Untraceable – This crime suspense chiller thriller pits a crime team against an internet savvy killer who devises clever ways of taking his victims lives. He, of course, has his ire set on the female protagonist by the middle of the film. Let’s just hope he doesn’t turn out to be a misunderstood friendly ghost.
Due out January 25, 2008

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