The fall Xbox 360 dashboard update is live right now. Have you downloaded it yet?

Here’s what you can expect when you get home from work:

  • DivX / XviD support: This is a big one, and about time that these video formats get a little 360 love.
  • Friend List changes: Personally, I hate this one. I don’t want YOU to be able to see MY friends… but a lot of people disagree and like it. It’s opt-out-able. I will be opting out. I’m a very private person.
  • Parental Time: This timer allows you to set weekly, daily or monthly limits on Xbox time, and it’s easy enough for a parent to use.
  • IPTV support. Haven’t had a chance to really try this one out, so not sure yet how well it works or how useful it will prove… but the idea of watching internet TV on your 360 is pretty impressive.
  • Xbox News Live: And in your face.

Overall, though, other than the DIVX support, I’m not super impressed. Not that there’s anything wrong with these features, just that they’re not the features aimed at me. I’m not a big “Profiles” guy. I don’t “research” people I play with so I can read their lame mottoes and see what bands they like.

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