Due to popular demand, I’ve added two kinds of ‘feeds’ for this site. You can get subscribe to the RSS feed or you can receive a daily summary of new articles to your email address.

RSS Feed: To get a standard RSS feed, click on the “Subscribe to my feed” button in the right side menu. You’ll be given a choice of RSS feed sources. For example, if you select “Google”, it will add an RSS feed tab on your ‘iGoogle’ page. You can also get the RSS feed without even subscribing by creating a bookmark in your normal browser to this link. If you put that bookmark on your main browser bar, it will show you when there are new articles. Check in your browser to see how to enable RSS feeds.

Daily Email Summary: To get a daily email summary of that day’s new posts, type your email address into the field in the right menu bar and hit “Subscribe”. The email will only send you a summary of new articles/posts and won’t send out an email if there are no posts for that day.

Please let me know if you have any problems with either of these feeds.

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