(Source: washingtonpost.com)  See what I did there? Wasn’t that absolutely breathtaking?

No? Good, then maybe you agree with me. But we seem to be in the minority, because as I write this, “Avatar” is breaking box office records. This movie’s plot is as thin as a soup made by boiling a single mosquito. But it does have blue people with tails who fly around on pterodactyls!

“Avatar” has even eclipsed the early box office revenue of “2012,” a doomsday film best described as the story of what happens when the surface of Earth is drowned under 4 billion gallons of insipid movie cliche. The dialogue is as wooden as a No. 2 pencil, “No. 2″ being the operative phrase. But … you get to see an ocean liner plow into Mount Everest!

YouTube Preview Image

(Source: TUAW) Don’t even bother questioning why there is video of Jean-Luc Picard bashing Twitter and talking about his love for the iPhone, just watch and enjoy. Okay, okay, it’s from a PBS interview designed to promote some of their Shakespeare programming, but that doesn’t matter, really. All that matters is that Sir Patrick Stewart calls his “beautiful” iPhone “an extension of whom I am,” in the way that only he can.

He also bashes gaming, but only because he says it’s extremely addictive, so we’ll let that one slide. Here’s the really important question: Has anyone pointed out the Star Trek phaser [iTunes link] to him yet? What apps (besides the weather one, we guess) does he run on a daily basis?

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