(Source: stuff.co.nz) New Zealand will lose blockbuster film projects to other countries unless it offers fresh incentives to film-makers, Peter Jackson says.

On the same day his latest film premiered in Wellington, Jackson said New Zealand’s film industry was being squeezed by a high dollar, making movies more expensive to shoot, and increased competition from other countries offering better incentives – including Australia.

He was aware of rumours that Australia was set to implement new financial incentives to reboot its film industry, which has suffered from a dearth of big-budget films in recent years.

(Source: comicbookmovie.com)  With his newly developed motion capture CGI, could we see the return of classic characters?
In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Avatar director James Cameron talked about what could be possible with his new motion-capture CGI technology. It’s pretty juicy stuff. Take a look at this excerpt:

EW – From the beginning, you said your goal with Avatar was to figure
out a way to seamlessly translate an actor’s performance into a
synthetic computer-generated character. Where did that come from?

(Source: Marvel Entertainment) Marvel Entertainment, Inc. announced that at a special meeting held this morning, Marvel stockholders approved the adoption of the Agreement and Plan of Merger entered into by Marvel and The Walt Disney Company, which provides for a merger in which Marvel will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Disney.

Marvel anticipates that the merger, which, based on the closing price of Disney’s common stock on December 30, 2009, has an estimated value of approximately $4.3 billion, will be completed today after the close of the market.

(Source: The Hobbit Header) Earlier this month we posted about the fact that the casting for the upcoming adaptation of The Hobbit was starting. Producer Peter Jackson said they were casting the net wide to find actors and actresses for the various different roles, including the key one of the titular hobbit, Bilbo Baggins.

Contrary to previous reports of Hugo Weaving and Andy Serkis being confirmed to return as Lord Elrond and Smeagol/Gollum respectively, apparently they aren’t offering ANY of the roles to anyone automatically until they’ve done a full casting search. The exception to that is Ian McKellen as Gandalf, who has officially been confirmed as coming back.

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