(Source: wearemoviegeeks.com) Stop motion animation, like most animation, really, is an art-form, one that has been perfected by only a chosen few.  Ever since 1898’s THE HUMPTY DUMPTY CIRCUS, the usage of stop motion animation in film has brought characters to life in far better ways than modern technology can provide.  Today, in honor of Wes Anderson’s usage of it in FANTASTIC MR. FOX, we give you our list of the 10 best stop motion characters in film history.


(Source: law.com)  Lucasfilm Ltd. was founded in 1971 by Star Wars creator George W. Lucas Jr. It has grown into a major independent production house and one of the world’s leading entertainment companies. Lucasfilm’s primary endeavors include movie and television production, along with groundbreaking visual and aural effects, video games, software and various online activities. Corporate subsidiaries include Industrial Light & Magic, Skywalker Sound, Pixar Animation Studios, Avid Technology and THX Ltd. The company has spun off a thriving industry of Star Wars merchandising, memorabilia and licensing.

(SOURCE: dreamcareer.info) This is a tentative schedule of the events for the Visual Effects Supervisor’s Boot Camp.

7:30pm   Opening reception
Meet students and instructors and have some pizza.
At Saggio’s, 107 Cornell SE

Saturday, December 5

8:00am- Script breakdown and budgeting
Learn how to break down a script for visual effects purposes and budget effects shots.

9:30am -Shooting Stills
Shooting panoramas and HDRI probes, working with the Nodal Ninja nodal offset head

11:00am-The Location Shoot
Set etiquette for visual effects supervisors, understanding crew positions, camera, lighting and grip equipment and shooting plates with the Red One Camera

(Source: Vancouver Sun)  Thursday’s announcement that the Kerner Group will set up a stereoscopic 3-D research studio at Emily Carr University (ECU) will help British Columbia’s film industry make the transition from a two-dimensional production centre to a place where 3-D movies can be made by local crews.

Several high-profile 3-D movies have been made in B.C. in recent years, including Tron: Legacy, but they always have Americans in the key crew positions. The Emily Carr studio, expected to be operational by late spring, is the first step to building a 3-D movie infrastructure.

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