(Source: jimhillmedia.com) You all remember the Secret Lab, don’t you? That state-of-the-art CG character animation and visual effects facility that the Mouse announced with much hoopla back in October 1999? At the time, Mickey seriously thought that this digital movie-making operation would soon put Disney in the same league as Pixar and George Lucas’ ILM.

Less than two years later, Disney abruptly announced that it would be shutting down the Secret Lab. Why did Mickey pull the plug? Not because the top flight animators and FX artists who worked at TSL did shoddy work. But because poor planning and short sighted-ness on the part of Disney studio execs.

(Source: comingsoon.net) Peter Jackson talked to the UK press for the London Royal gala premiere of his new film, The Lovely Bones, about both writing the screenplays for The Hobbit films and bringing The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn to the big screen.

Peter Jackson mentioned that the “Hobbit” films will not be released in 3D. “Guillermo wants to shoot in 35mm, old-fashioned film, which suits me, because he wants to keep it in the same space as the original trilogy.”

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