(Source: mtbs3d.com) The Visual Effects Society (VES) has begun its invitation process for VES Awards entries.

For those unfamiliar, VES works with and recognizes the top special effects artists from around the world. Member fields include feature film, television, advertising, and of course, video games. MTBS is pleased to report that for the first time, VES will be accepting stereoscopic 3D entries for their eighth awards ceremony.

Reading through the application process, it is clear that the entries will likely be focused on S-3D in cinema, and since this is a new technology category, the rules of submission are a work in progress. It will be interesting to see if any video games are submitted for review, and what conditions qualify a video game for stereoscopic eligibility.

(Source: online.wsj.com) Less than a month before the scheduled release of James Cameron’s new movie, “Avatar,” some scenes from the costly special-effects extravaganza remain unfinished.

Pressure to complete the project by the Dec. 18 release date has risen to the point where crews are working “24-8″ that is, eight days a week, said producer Jon Landau during a break from supervising the work in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

Mr. Landau said that around 30 minutes of the movie remain incomplete, with issues ranging from sound mixing to more serious aspects like visual effects. The total running time is likely to fall between 2½ hours and two hours 40 minutes, not including credits.

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