(Source: impulsegamer.com) Autodesk, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADSK) has announced that DreamWorks Animation SKG, Inc. (NASDAQ: DWA) and Sony Pictures Imageworks are integrating Autodesk Mudbox software into their Linux-based production pipelines. Autodesk Consulting’s custom development team worked collaboratively with teams at Imageworks and DreamWorks to port the digital sculpting and texture painting software to the Linux platform. Mudbox for Linux is available through Autodesk Consulting services.

(Source: telegraph.co.uk) Animation in the country “is at a tipping point: it either survives or dies”, industry leaders wrote in a joint letter to The Daily Telegraph.

Shows such as Wallace & Gromit, Bob the Builder and Noddy have made England “a recognised centre for animation”, they said.

But they forecast: “Within a matter of years, we will not be producing any such fantastic properties as a result of tax breaks and government incentives in other countries.”

They are calling on the Government to extend the Film Tax Credit to animation companies working on television programmes so that they have a “level playing field” with those in countries like Ireland, France and Canada.

(Source: goldderby.latimes.com) The Golden Globe for best animated feature is so new that it’s only been bestowed three times (“Wall-E,” “Ratatouille,” “Cars”). Each time there were only three nominees, just like at the Oscars during the last three derbies. But now that it looks like the Oscar category will expand to five slots this year, so will the Globes.

At the Oscars, the size of the category is determined by the number of contenders in the mix. The category expands to five nominees if more than 16 animated features qualify per year. Here’s the new rule from the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn.:

(Source: broadcastnow.co.uk) Digital Vision’s colour grading Film Master system has been given a major vote of confidence by Up producer Pixar Animation which has bought two units for installation at its Californian HQ. The systems were chosen to support the studio’s plans to build a non-linear workflow.

Simon Cuff, Digital Vision President, noted, “The requirements of a truly non-linear, multiple deliverable pipeline with a high priority on image quality are stringent. Film Master is designed to perform well in these types of environments. We are looking forward to working closely with Pixar as it builds this ambitious and industry-changing pipeline.”

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