(Source: hollywoodreporter.com) French film industry professionals and moviegoers will treat their eyes to a special effects feast as the third edition of two-day VFX conference Parisfx kicks off in the French capital on Nov.18.

The two-day event devoted to special effects and digital technology will feature case studies, round tables and presentation of images from upcoming films.

This year’s topics include 3D technology and the convergence of film, video games and new media.

Case studies highlighting these topics will feature visits from Buf Compagnie for Luc Besson’s “Arthur and the Vengeance of Malthazar,” Eclair VFX for Pierre Morel’s “From Paris With Love” and Mikros Image for and Jacques Perrin’s “Oceans.”

(Source: latimes.com)  Four film franchises. One decade. More than $10 billion worth of theater tickets sold.

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