(Source: awn.com)  VFXmarketplace.com is opening up to supply the the global visual effects industry after a successful beta phase, VFXmarketplace.com makes it easy to outsource basic visual effects. VFX houses post their requirements, and accredited suppliers from around the world compete to win the work.

Tim Webber, Oscar-nominated VFX supervisor and co-founder said: “We created the business when we realised that VFX houses were always struggling to find the right artists and organisations to outsource to. We’re a bit like a dating agency. We help match up the organisations who have excess work, with the artists and organisations who have the right skills and want to do the work. We’ve got artists all over the world, from Australia to the Ukraine, supplying great visual effects.”

(Source: cgw.com) VES is now accepting online submissions for the 8th Annual VES Awards Show on February 28, 2010 at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel in Beverly Hills. The deadline to send in submissions is November 30, 2009. For the first time this year, the VES will be accepting 3D Stereoscopic submissions and has increased the number of entries that may be nominated in specific categories.

Rules and Procedures can be found at www.vesawards.com.

(Source: telegraph.co.uk) George Lucas, the creator of the Star Wars film franchise, has turned to the Court of Appeal to prevent one of the originators of the Stormtroopers from selling replica costumes.

Prop designer Andrew Ainsworth, who helped manufacture the helmets and suits for the first film in 1977, now sells replicas from his studio in Twickenham, south west London.   Lucas, the creator of the sci-fi series, had tried to stop him last year in a multimillion-pound battle at the High Court.    But a judge ruled that the suits were not covered by copyright law because they were not works of art and a £10 million damages award against Mr Ainsworth in the US could not be enforced in the UK.

(Source: guardian.co.uk) He blew up the Empire State Building and the White House in Independence Day, sent a giant monster careering through the heart of Manhattan in Godzilla and destroyed the famous Hollywood sign in The Day After Tomorrow. But it seems there are places even Roland Emmerich will not go – the German film-maker has revealed he abandoned plans to obliterate Islam’s holiest site on the big screen for fear of attracting a fatwa.

For his latest disaster movie, 2012, the 53-year-old director had wanted to demolish the Kaaba, the iconic cube-shaped structure in the Grand Mosque in Mecca that Muslims the world over turn towards every day when they pray and which they circle seven times during the hajj pilgrimage.

(Source: telegraph.co.uk) Colin Firth has told of his discomfort at being forced to squeeze into a skin-tight spandex bodysuit to make the new Disney animation movie A Christmas Carol.

Firth, made famous for his role as Mr Darcy in Pride and Prejudice, joked that he tried everything to give himself a more impressive silhouette in the unforgiving outfit, which he said showed off every lump and bump.

He and co-star Jim Carrey also told of the humiliating pose they had to strike before filming each scene and described how much pressure there was on them to get each take right, because of the way the film was made.

(Source: clickondetroit.com) According to a report on Local 4 News, Wonderstruck Films has scrapped its plan to open a studio in the old MGM Grand Detroit Casino building located at Michigan Avenue and Third Street.

The 75,000-square foot structure was supposed to be transformed into a state of the art animation studio.

“We’re going to make a lot of jobs and spend a lot of money,” Wonderstruck CEO and President Michele Richards said in February 2009, when the deal was first announced.

(Source: variety.com) PARIS — The global economic storm has hit the French vfx and animation studios, leading to a contraction among those companies.

“We were set to work on a number of films that ended up not getting financed,” explains Yann Blondel, vfx supervisor at century-old Eclair Group, whose latest round of big projects included John Travolta starrer “From Paris With Love” and Chris Nahon’s “Blood: The Last Vampire.” “We’ve been on standby on various important international projects.”

In 2008, the top 25 French CG companies grossed 40% of their annual revenues from foreign productions, per Thierry de Segonzac, president of Ficam, France’s national audiovisual and media federation. But that was then.

(Source: incontention.com)  As more films have been unleashed, the race for the visual effects Oscar now appears clearer than it did three months ago.  I’m starting to feel the race for the final three will really be down to a handful of films.

As I explained in August, a shortlist of seven films will be announced in December or January.  After the branch screens the films, the three nominees will be announced on the same day as all the other categories.  We can expect the nominees to be big budget films – and also big hits, which is why how they perform on release is so important.

(Source: news.bbc.co.uk) Technology and movie-making have always gone hand in hand but the latest breakthroughs are changing the very nature of the process.

Those in the industry say that thanks to the role of graphics processing units (GPUs), the director’s vision can be more fully realised.

It also means that special effects teams are involved in the making of the movie at a far earlier stage.

In the past, their creations would be done in post-production and not be seen for weeks or even months after a movie has wrapped.

(Source: Empire) Green Lantern director Martin Campbell (Casino Royale, GoldenEye) told Empire magazine (via Coventry Telegraph) they’ve got their work cut out in bringing the comic book to life.

“It’s daunting,” he said. “Just the process, something like 1,300 visual effects shots, it’s mind-blowing, quite honestly.”

Campbell said that a lot of the effects shots work will concentrate on the Green Lantern’s power ring. “It’s energized by a battery on the planet of Oa, which taps into the willpower of everyone in the universe. From that ring you can form constructs. So if you got into a fight, you could form a giant fist. Or a fighter plane.”

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