(Source: HollywoodReporter) Bold Films has picked up “Psy-Ops,” an action thriller from Scott Stewart and Gus Krieger.

Stewart, who is directing the vampire action thriller “Priest,” came up with the initial story, then developed it with Krieger, who will write the script.

Stuart Maschwitz, who co-founded visual-effects company the Orphanage with Stewart, is attached to make his directorial debut.

“Psy-Ops” revolves around a covert U.S. military unit of psychological operatives who specialize in exploiting their target’s deepest fears. When on a routine mission to the Amazon Basin, they discover something more terrifying than they could have imagined.

(Source: Engadget) We knew they were coming for the holidays, and now Nintendo’s black Wii gear has some prices and a November 16th release date. The black Wii Remote comes bundled with a MotionPlus add-on — obviously Nintendo doesn’t want to risk too many more people picking up a controller without one — and retails for $50, while the black Nunchuck (shown after the break) is all by its lonesome for $20. Unfortunately, still no word of a black Wii in the US to hang out with these finely tinted accessories.

(Source: AppleInsider) Apple’s cat-and-mouse game with the iPhone hacking community continues, as the handset maker has reportedly updated new shipping versions of the iPhone 3GS to prevent tampering.

According to iClarified, Apple has updated the BootROM for the iPhone 3GS to iBoot-359.32. This software upgrade is reportedly not vulnerable to an exploit hackers previously used to crack open the hardware.

A member of the iPhone Dev Team who goes by the handle MuscleNerd noted this is the first time ever that Apple has done a BootROM update in the middle of a product line, without a new hardware model. The Dev Team is a group of hackers who release tools used to exploit the iPhone OS.

(Source: LATimes) Digital Domain, the Venice-based visual effects house partly owned by director Michael Bay, is expanding — outside of Southern California.

The company best known for creating digital effects for movies including “Transformers” and “Titanic” announced today that it would develop a digital production studio in Florida dedicated to producing animated movies and video games.

Digital Domain has long sought to transform itself from being a work-for-hire movie and commercial effects house into a full-blown production studio. The Academy Award-winning company had planned a initial public stock offering last year to help finance that conversion, but later scrapped the IPO after a tepid response from investors.

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