It’s true – as leaked earlier this week and confirmed yesterday, EA is bringing Harmonix’s Rock Band to the iPhone, and it’s about what you’d expect: notes come down the screen set to popular music, you tap in certain places in time to the beat, and get a score based on how well you do. Truthfully, I’m a huge Rock Band (and Harmonix) fan in general, but this doesn’t excite me much — the big draw of Rock Band is actually playing with those instruments, and while yes they’re plastic and tiny, when you get four people in the same room together playing them, it actually feels like you’re jamming in a band.

Fortunately, the iPhone version will have both online and bluetooth multiplayer, so you will be able to jam with people, but the gameplay is simply reminiscent of Tap Tap Revenge, which you probably already know about and/or have. It looks like they’ve gotten most of their songs from the actual Rock Band game; twenty songs with the purchase (no price yet), and then there will be 99 cent packs of two songs each coming out soon. The app’s been submitted and it should be out in the store next week.

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