(Source: prweb.com) d’artiste Character Modeling 3 takes you into the creative minds of some of the best game and movie 3D character modelers and digital sculptors in the world. From the modeling team of the blockbuster PlayStation 3 game ‘Killzone 2′ headed by Guerrilla Games, to top Hollywood modelers Cesar Dacol Jr. and Industrial Light & Magic’s Giovanni Nakpil, each page is jammed full of techniques and approaches that will take your modeling skills to the next level.

(Source: latimes.com) The Walt Disney Co. said Wednesday that it would build a 56-acre production facility in northern Los Angeles County, casting a ray of light on an otherwise gloomy film economy that has hemorrhaged thousands of jobs in the last decade.

The Burbank company said the proposed Disney/ABC Studios at the Ranch would occupy a corner of the Golden Oak Ranch, a sprawling 890-acre parcel off California 14 that has been the setting of such classic films as “Old Yeller.” Plans call for 12 soundstages, production offices, a commissary and other facilities that could be used for film, television, commercial and new media projects.

(Source: shootonline.com) Daniel Jeannette, who served as animation director and visual effects supervisor on the recently released Spike Jonze-directed feature film Where The Wild Things Are, has embarked on a directorial career, joining San Francisco-area production house Hoytyboy Pictures for spots and branded content.

Jeannette is no stranger to commercialmaking, having been an animator on select ad projects, including a cel animation Kellogg’s job for the U.K. market back when he was at Passion Pictures, London. Years later, upon moving stateside and hooking up with Industrial Light+Magic (ILM), San Rafael, Calif.–where he enjoyed a 10-year tenure, primarily in feature films–Jeannette was animator on a CGI/visual effects/live-action combo spot for GMAC.

(Source: IFC.com) Truffaut used to say that a movie should have four ideas a minute. Well, François, say hello to “Star Wars: Uncut“, a full-length user-generated remake of “A New Hope” chopped up into 15-second segments — four per minute.

The result is a staggering 2,161 separate amateur directors overall, a major sugar-buzz of crowdsourcing, “Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation” turned viral and opened to the online masses. It’s not done yet, but the trailer’s below. If nothing else, it’s an inadvertent summary of every internet YouTube/meme trend of 2009: amateur CGI, hand-drawn comic-strip animation, strange-looking people in weird masks, IM conversations and the inevitable “Big Lebowski” homage.

I’m sure a lot of people out there will love this: intentional camp seems to have become the ultimate form of reverence. Now let’s just see how long it’ll take for the LucasFilm lawyers to kill it.

Star Wars: Uncut Trailer from Casey Pugh on Vimeo.

(Source: io9.com) The costumed masses were out in full force at last night’s LucasFilm Halloween Party. Not only did delicious sushi people grace the dance floor, so did Scott Pilgrim, retro spacemen and monsters, and the floating house from Up.

The always wonderful Bonnie Burton of The Official Star Wars Blog was at last night’s LucasFilm Halloween Party and snapped some great photos of the creative costumes crowding the floor.

Take a look: io9.com

(Source: comingsoon.net)  Despite still being hard at work on Alice in Wonderland, it would appear that Tim Burton is in talks with his collaborators about his next project, a feature-length, stop-motion version of his 1984 short, Frankenweenie.

ComingSoon.net recently spoke with Allison Abbate, the producer behind the forthcoming Wes Anderson film, Fantastic Mr. Fox, as well as Burton’s previous stop-motion film The Corpse Bride. During our conversation, she gave us a bit more information how Frankenweenie is shaping up.

(Source: latimesblogs.latimes.com) The Producers Guild of America announced today that they will present their 2010 David O. Selznick Achievement Award in Motion Pictures to John Lasseter. The two-time Academy Award-winning director and chief creative officer of Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios and principal creative advisor of Walt Disney Imagineering, will receive the award at the 21st Annual PGA Awards ceremony on Jan. 24, 2010.

(Source: ComingSoon.net) You’ve seen the 2012 trailers and clips, but just how much is special effects and what was actually filmed on a stage? This new featurette on Roland Emmerich’s November 13 disaster movie shows you how they did the special practical effects, and some of the things might surprise you. Check it out using the player below!

(Source: stuff.co.nz) Oscar-winning director James Cameron is so taken with Wellington’s film industry that “it is the one place in the world” where he wants to make his next movie.

Weta co-founder Richard Taylor said Cameron, who directed Titanic and Avatar, had the choice of going to “the most sophisticated film-making centres with the world’s largest sound stages . . . and greatest technology”.

“But he comes to Wellington and stands up in front of the crew and says that after searching the world, this is the one place in the world that he wanted to make his next movie.

(Source: examiner.com)  The Cartoon Art Museum, the only museum in the western United States dedicated to all forms of cartoons and comics, is delighted to host its sixth annual benefit on Saturday, November 14, 2009 at Pixar Animation Studios. From Pixar’s inception in 1986 with the premiere of its iconic short film, Luxo Jr., to the studio\u2019s latest full-length feature, Disney-Pixar’s Up, Pixar has wowed and charmed the world with its incredible computer animated creations. This year, there are two great ways to experience the magic of Pixar up close and personal at the studio’s Emeryville home:

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