(Source: jobs.awn.com) The Talent Development Artist Program:  Join us for an opportunity to experience the art of animation and be a part of Walt Disney Animation Studios. Our filmmaker-driven studio inspires a multi-discipline team to explore and innovate traditional animation and CG films, shorts and special projects. Opportunities are available for graduates of art and animation, fine art and design, computer graphics, engineering, production and general film studies programs.

(Source: TheOregonian) Laika, Phil Knight’s Portland movie studio, laid off 63 in its computer animation department this morning after deciding to focus exclusively on an old-fashioned filmmaking technique called stop motion.

The studio originally planned to develop both stop motion and computer-animated films, but said today that it has recently concluded it would rather specialize in stop motion. For the foreseeable future, Laika said, it will only use computer animation on a limited basis, to augment stop motion.

The commercial side of Laika’s business, which makes advertisements and music videos, continues to animate in all styles — including computer animation.

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