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This is an incredibly fully featured product and only $2.99.

  • 1024×682 Canvas size on 3GS (600×400 on all other devices)
  • Up to 6 layers on 3GS (3 layers on all other devices)
  • Import layers from camera or photo library
  • 10 levels of undo and redo
  • 25 preset brushes, including flood fill and texture brushes
  • Synthetic pressure sensitivity
  • Completely customizable brush setting


A consortium of music industry groups has begun lobbying the U.S. Congress to receive what they believe is their fair share of revenue from online music sales services like Apple’s iTunes.

In a new story from CNet, music industry representatives plead their case as to why they are entitled to revenue for downloads of films, TV shows, and 30-second song samples that feature their work. Songwriters say they do not receive enough revenue from the Web to live off of, and they believe they are owed a larger share of sales.

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