[Editor's Note: Yes, we've seen this clip used many times in the past with Hitler getting his XBox account banned, his WoW account banned, etc. But this is a pretty funny re-usage.]

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(Source: MacRumorsMashable reports on a discovery that the latest update to the iPhone application from popular business establishment review site Yelp [App Store, Free] contains an augmented reality easter egg called “Monocle” that allows users to view business ratings overlayed on a video stream from their iPhone’s camera. The feature is only compatible with the iPhone 3GS, which contains the necessary digital compass for properly assessing the device’s orientation.

Download the new Yelp app (came out yesterday). So you shake your iPhone 3 times. That activates a feature called Monocle. A message should come up if you activated it. A blue box will come up saying “the Monocle has been activated.” It will create a button in the top right corner. Now you should be able to look at the bars, restaurants, etc. Only works on iPhone 3GS.

(Source: mag.awn.com) Are you old enough to remember Eerie Magazine? Then your hair is sliding off your head and down your back and you probably also remember Creepy Magazine and Uncle Creepy. Not old enough? Good news, Creepy is back and your hair will probably stay in place for a while.

Creepy Magazine was a great collection of black and white horror stories in the 1960’s. Cover art was produced by such greats as Frazetta, Williamson, Crandall, Evans, Angelo Torres, Gray Morrow, Joe Orlando, John Severin and others.

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