(Source: TUAW) With Friday’s launch of Mac OS X Snow Leopard right around the corner, official reviews of Apple’s latest operating system began rolling out last night.

One of the most interesting tidbits comes from Walt Mossberg of The Wall Street Journal, who reports that the $29 Snow Leopard upgrade advertised by Apple as being only for current Leopard users will in fact install on systems currently running Tiger. Apple’s official policy is that Tiger users are required to purchase the Mac Box Set, which includes iLife ‘09 and iWork ‘09 in addition to Snow Leopard, for $169.

(Source: TUAW) One of the dark spots hanging over the excitement over Snow Leopard is whether or not Photoshop CS3 will work.

Adobe caused some real consternation when they announced earlier this week that CS3 would get no support (along with the rest of the older Creative Suite) and suggested people upgrade to CS4

In an Adobe FAQ [PDF download link] it’s stated: “Older versions of Adobe creative software were not included in our testing efforts. While older Adobe and Macromedia applications may install and run on Mac OS X Snow Leopard (v10.6), they were designed, tested,and released to the public several years before this new operating system became available. You may therefore experience a variety of installation, stability, and reliability issues for which there is no resolution.”

(Source: snitchseeker.com) Via his Twitter account Oliver Phelps has revealed that he has become the first British actor to receive a VFX MOVA facial capture scan, while working on Deathly Hallows.

Right then MOVA is a system where by using 29 cameras and UV makeup and lighting can get very detailed motions of ones face.

(Source: examiner.com) With the news yesterday that Green Lantern’s proposed Australian shoot is under threat after the rising Australian dollar has blown out production costs by about $20 million, two questions automatically come to mind.  Does this mean the shoot is off?  Or will it be moved to a different location?

The answers are – the film is definitely going to be shot, but it may not be shot in Australia.  If Warner Bros. and the Australian government don’t come to financial terms, the shoot which is set to begin in two weeks may be moved to the U.S.

(Source: addpr.com) Woman innovator expands future of 3D live-action entertainment. Kerner, previously part of George Lucas’ Industrial Light and Magic, is an innovative provider of visual effects and 3D technologies.

Eric Edmeades CEO, The Kerner Companies, a leading provider of special effects and 3D technologies, announced today that Lynn Leboe has been appointed International Head of Research and Development.

Lynn Leboe, a graduate of Concordia University, Montreal has more than twenty years experience of uniting art with emerging technologies.

(Source: theaustralian.news.com.au) Avatar has been kept under wraps and its revolutionary filming technique has been largely misunderstood. Effects-laden films such as The Abyss, Terminator and Titanic led to the development of a new motion-capture filming process that many have interpreted as being the final inexorable step towards a fully digital film and, consequently, the diminution of the actor.

But Cameron’s producer on Titanic and Avatar, Jon Landau, says that couldn’t be further from the truth.

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