(Source: addpr.com) Woman innovator expands future of 3D live-action entertainment. Kerner, previously part of George Lucas’ Industrial Light and Magic, is an innovative provider of visual effects and 3D technologies.

Eric Edmeades CEO, The Kerner Companies, a leading provider of special effects and 3D technologies, announced today that Lynn Leboe has been appointed International Head of Research and Development.

Lynn Leboe, a graduate of Concordia University, Montreal has more than twenty years experience of uniting art with emerging technologies.

(Source: theaustralian.news.com.au) Avatar has been kept under wraps and its revolutionary filming technique has been largely misunderstood. Effects-laden films such as The Abyss, Terminator and Titanic led to the development of a new motion-capture filming process that many have interpreted as being the final inexorable step towards a fully digital film and, consequently, the diminution of the actor.

But Cameron’s producer on Titanic and Avatar, Jon Landau, says that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Adobe Principal Product Manager for Photoshop John Nack reports that the company has put together a Snow Leopard FAQ (PDF) notifying customers that while its Creative Suite 4 package is compatible with Apple’s forthcoming Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Creative Suite 3 and other earlier versions have not been tested for compatibility and will not be updated if found to be incompatible.

Apple and Adobe have worked closely together (as always with new OS releases) to test compatibility. As for CS4, everything is good with the exception of auto-updates to Flash panels (which I guarantee you’re not using*) and Adobe Drive/Version Cue (which doesn’t work at the moment on 10.6). CS3 & earlier haven’t been tested.

(digitalartsonline.co.uk) District 9 is set in South Africa, where a crashed spaceship dumps a large number of interstellar refugees — and explores the tensions between the communities of humans and aliens before heading off in traditional thriller direction. Its visual style is based around realistic portrayal of the refugee camps where the aliens live, with the aliens skillfully composited into the scene without looking life traditional flashy VFX.

(Source: cinematical.com) It’s no surprise that the WB would want to send Dakota Fanning over the rainbow, but it is kind of shocking to learn they’ve no intention of a remake. The fifteen year old Fanning would play a grand daughter of Dorothy who, for an unknown reason, ends up in the land of the Tin Man.

But before that gives you visions of Robin Williams heading back to Neverland in Hook, take a gander at this quote from one of the film’s producers: “You’ve still got Dorothy trapped in an odd place, but she’s much closer to the Ripley character from Alien [Sigourney Weaver] than a helpless singing girl.”

(Source: cinematical.com) Seeing what Terry Gilliam can do with a good budget and technology — namely the fantastical worlds he created for The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus with its sky of flicking jellyfish, towering stilts, and a rainbow world of shoes — I began to wonder what the filmmaker could do to help more mainstream work. What if the next 3D blockbuster had worlds seen through Gilliam’s eyes? What if the next animated film tapped into Gilliam’s imagination?

If you’re a photo student, chances are you balk at contemporary digital photography’s over-processed, airbrushed, way-too-clean aesthetic. You want to be real, damn it! And you probably want to create pictures that have the dramatic effects of a view camera’stilt-and-shift selective focus and the organic randomness of plastic shooters like the Holga. Awesome! Consider taking the Lensbaby Composer for a spin.

Essentially a digital SLR lens that’s fitted into a ball-and-socket-style housing, the Composer also has interchangable optics: a single lens, double lens, plastic lens and pinhole/zone plate combo can be swapped in and out depending on the photographic effect you want to achieve. Depending on aperture these four options yield images that range from fairly sharp with a large sweet spot (double glass) all the way to the very gauzy and ethereal (pinhole).

(comingsoon.net) It’s “Avatar Day” and many people will get to see 16 minutes of footage from James Cameron’s Avatar later today, but first Panasonic has announced the following:

Panasonic Corporation today announced collaboration with Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation and Lightstorm Entertainment on the global promotion of James Cameron’s AVATAR. As the film’s exclusive audio visual partner, Panasonic has provided some of its latest AV technology products to help create the eagerly awaited film which will debut in theaters worldwide on December 18 in both 2D and 3D. Through this collaboration, Panasonic will add momentum to its ongoing efforts to promote its industry-leading Full HD 3D technology to consumers.

YouTube Preview Image

(Source: Variety) George Lucas has been recruited by the Venice Film Festival to present the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement to John Lasseter and the directors of the Disney/Pixar team.

Lucas, who will be making the trek to the Lido for the first time, is being hailed by the fest as “a leader in Hollywood’s digital revolution.”

Lucas will lionize Lasseter, Brad Bird, Peter Docter, Andrew Stanton and Lee Unkrich in the Palazzo del Cinema’s Sala Grande in a ceremony on Sunday Sept. 6.

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