(Source: Engadget) After what AppleInsider claims has been four years of development “riddled with setbacks,” Apple is purportedly finalizing its long-rumored tablet for an early 2010 launch. AppleInsider claims to have been tracking the device get bounced back to the drawing board repeatedly over the past few years, but says that Steve Jobs is finally happy with the product and there’s an internal go-ahead to get this thing ready for next year, barring any other setbacks. Purported specs include a 10-inch screen, 3G data and a custom ARM processor courtesy of its P.A. Semi purchase — after previously considering Intel’s Atom, as the story goes. Rumors elsewhere point to Verizon data instead of AT&T, but that might just be wishful thinking. While AppleInsider still claims the device is positioned somewhere between an iPhone and a laptop, its inside sources apparently didn’t give the thumbs up to early artist renditions of the handheld, and so AI’s new and “improved” render is above — striking fear in the heart of aesthetes everywhere.

(Source: rottentomatoes.com)  The most highly anticipated new film at Comic-Con (second maybe, maybe to New Moon) was James Cameron’s Avatar, a film four years in the making, but as he says, “14 years in the dreaming.” Introduced as “The Mad Pirate,” Cameron took the stage for a lengthy informal chat. He made the film as a sort of synthesis of the things his teenage self liked. Soon enough, he got to the clip part – but instead of just bringing one or two clips to the Con, Cameron outdid his peers. We got to watch 25 minutes of footage from Avatar!

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