(Source: Variety) Don’t retire that film camera quite yet. As film struggles to remain relevant in today’s increasingly digital environment, its strongest ally –ironically — may be digital post-production.

Even with the advent of high-quality digital cameras, many believe that film is still the best medium for capturing footage destined for digital manipulation.

Digital intermediate suites, where footage is tweaked and color-corrected with tools that do for movies what Photoshop does for stills, have proliferated in recent years. A majority of today’s movies are undergoing DI rather than traditional photochemical processing as they make their journey to the bigscreen, whether shot on film or “on digital.”

(Source: theyoungturks.com)  After all these random Bible thumping posts, I thought it would be appropriate to throw out a theory about media that I think might be affecting the youth.  It’s about the “suspension of disbelief”.  Now I posit that the CGI of today has already passed the “uncanny valley” that the original “Terminator” movie could not cross because of technological limitations.  People who lived through the 80’s basically saw the transition from terrible special effects to the dazzling photorealistic rendering of images like we see in movies like Transformers.  What I believe will happen is that because we must question the reality of everything we see, and what our senses believe to be “real”, because it is almost impossible to tell the difference between CGI and real images anymore, people will be inherently more inquisitive about the level of “truth” behind what they see or hear.

[Editor's Note: 'Augmented Reality' has become the buzz phrase of the next 6-8 months being used to describe anything and everything 'new and different']

(Source: io9.com) In case you were thinking that the deleted scenes filling all those plot holes were the only reasons to buy Star Trek on DVD, Paramount reveal that they want to use it to bring you on board the Enterprise.

Variety reports that special packaging for the movie’s DVD and BluRay release will offer something called “Augmented Reality” that, when used in conjunction with a webcam, will transport you to the final frontier:

(Source: Reuters) Director Steven Spielberg’s DreamWorks Studios could receive $825 million in film financing to begin producing movies starting this year, an Indian company involved in deal talks said on Wednesday.

Reliance ADA Group, the Indian conglomerate, is in talks with DreamWorks Studios partners Stacey Snider and Spielberg in New York, and the $825 million figure has emerged from those talks as a possible funding slate for DreamWorks Studios.

The deal between the two companies, which announced a plan to work together last year, has not been finalized.

(Source: moviesblog.mtv.com) Just when you thought it was safe to go back to Middle Earth, New Line Cinema and MGM face another lawsuit that could jeopardize production on “The Hobbit.” The Guardian reports that J.R.R. Tolkien’s heirs are suing the filmmakers for $220 million dollars in unpaid profits from the film trilogy, and trying to terminate further film rights to Tolkien’s work due to breach of contract.

“Should the case go all the way to trial, we are confident that New Line will lose its rights to ‘The Hobbit,’” said Bonnie Eskenazi, the lawyer working for the author’s son Christopher and the family’s charity, the Tolkien Trust.

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