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(Source: TUAW) Apple has just released a Knowledge Base document detailing a number of potential fixes for one of the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth problems that have plagued iPod touch and iPhone handhelds. The article specifically addresses the inability to use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth due to not seeing the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi address on the device. This includes getting a Wi-Fi signal but not being able to access the Internet, not being able to pair a Bluetooth device, and having the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth icon grayed out.

Four solutions are proposed in a step-by-step manner. The solutions range from resetting the network settings to restoring the device back to a bare 3.0 install, which erases all data. No worries there, since you can always re-sync your device with the information on its host computer, assuming you have a current backup. 

The fourth solution is a bit darker. Call Apple for service. If this doesn’t do it, you are directed to a second article which talks about re-doing your network settings and turning the network settings off and then on again.

Neither article deals with the basic problems of speed and sporadic signal strength.

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