[Editor's Note: VFX done at MPC in London]
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After that dancing baby, and those yapping E-trade babies, and the entirety of the Look Who’s Talking franchise, there comes a point where we as a society have to wonder: Where did we go wrong? Why do all of our CGI children runaway from their CGI homes at such a young age only to end up on the street, dancing, involved in some kind of fly-by-night stock scheme, or debasing themselves in John Travolta/Kirstie Alley romantic comedies—anything to get a little taste of CGI formula and maybe some clean CGI diapers. Make no mistake: this isn’t just the fault of a few bad CGI parents. We are all to blame here. It takes a CGI village to raise a CGI child, and we have all ignored this problem for far too long. Just look at what these poor, sick, runaway CGI babies are being forced to do in order to survive

(Source: broadcastnewsroom.com) Leading visual effects software developer, The Foundry (www.thefoundry.co.uk), today announced that Weta Digital, New Zealand’s premier multi-award winning VFX studio, has purchased a site license of Nuke to enhance its in-house pipeline.

Weta Digital was formed in 1993 by a group of young New Zealand filmmakers including Peter Jackson to create effects for his Heavenly Creatures project.

Since receiving critical acclaim for its VFX work on this project, the company has gone from strength-to-strength producing astonishing effects for Jackson’s subsequent blockbusters King Kong and The Lord of The Rings. Weta Digital’s talents have also been employed by many other Hollywood directors and can be seen on box office hits including I, Robot, X-Men: The Last Stand, The Day The Earth Stood Still and Jumper. In total its efforts have netted the company five Academy Awards® for Best Visual Effects

This period was a fantastic time in the film industry and I remember well the relaxed and thoughtful ways we all set about making the models under the guidance of Effects Supervisors Brian Johnson and Nick Allder. Ron Hone was the boss in the model shop, it was like a large family when we would plough into the canteen at Bray Studios for breakfast ( I can still taste it now! ) and exit contented knowing that the day was going to be creative. I didn’t know anyone who didn’t like their job and and for about 5 more years that spirit endured throughout various movies until the 80’s arrived……from then on the accountants took over!

Take a look behind the scenes: http://www.zen171398.zen.co.uk/Alien.html

(Source: newsinfilm.com) Last month, Shia LaBeouf made headlines when he mentioned Steven Spielberg had cracked the story  on Indiana Jones 5.  It was later confirmed by veteran producer Frank Marshall, who added that the script was “progressing” but still in the research phase.  The usual team has to sign off on the script once it’s completed, including Spielberg, George Lucas, and Harrison Ford, so my prediction was a summer 2011 release date at the very earliest.

Turns out I wasntt far off.  Though it isn’t exactly the most reliable source, The Insider is reporting Harrison Ford has agreed to play Indiana Jones again, but it will not be released before 2011.

Good news from over at Joystiq — they had the good fortune to speak with the folks over at LucasArts (who are currently working on reviving some of their old point-and-click library of games: Secret of Monkey Island is coming back to the Xbox Live Arcade, and other games, including the classic Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, are due to make their way to the PC’s Steam service), and the subject of the iPhone came up. While we didn’t get any really great news (like, say, a release date), we did get a vague answer in the affirmative: “On iPhone, you know Apple’s policy that we can’t talk about a release until it’s ready to release. But it would make sense that we would do something like that if we were to go in that direction … wink wink, nod, nod.”

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