DigiTimes reports that Taiwanese firm Foxlink is currently developing micro projectors for use in mobile phones, with Apple being one of the companies expected to launch devices with built-in projectors later this year. The projectors would allow the iPhone and possibly the iPod touch to directly project video output onto an external surface.

International brand vendors, including Nokia, Samsung Electronics and Apple, reportedly all plan to launch handsets with built-in micro projectors by the end of this year, indicated the sources, adding that Foxlink is likely to benefit from the emerging trend due to its strong business relationships with Nokia and Apple.

(Source: cinemablend.com) R2D2 Hides Out In Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen Last year it was Samuel L. Jackson. This year it’s R2D2. Every year, there’s an actor or actress who just seems to be in everything, whether it’s in worthless cameos or starring roles. Earlier this summer, the Star Wars icon made a brief appearance in Star Trek. Many people weren’t able to catch it but trust me; it’s there.

Now TheForce.net is reporting that the droid has a small part in this weekend’s Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Visual effects supervisor Scott Farrar stated that R2D2 is in “a scene in the desert.” And just like his shot in Star Trek, if you take even a split second to check your watch, you will definitely miss it.

(Source: scpr.org) The Abominable Snowman in the Matterhorn at Disneyland isn’t the only monster in central Orange County these days. A museum in Anaheim is the temporary home to some movie monsters. KPCC’s Susan Valot stopped by for an “inside” look.

Susan Valot: Walk into the Muzeo – an arts and culture museum across from Anaheim City Hall – and a giant crocodile meets you at the door. You may have seen him before. In the 2003 live action movie “Peter Pan,” he’s the crocodile with the ticking clock in his stomach. Muzeo Exhibition and Programming Director Joyce Franklin says the croc’s one of several examples of movie mechanics in the “How to Make a Monster” exhibit.

(Source: tmcnet.com) Special effects wizard and film director Douglas Trumbull once changed the way we look at science fiction movies — and yet he walked away from film 25 years ago after a career of frustration.

“I think we can increase the rate at which we shoot shots to double or triple what it normally is,” Trumbull said. “People are lucky if they get 25 set-ups a day when they’re on a crew with a set, and I think we can go to 50 to 75 set-ups a day, tremendously reduce the crew size, reduce the production cost and reduce the schedule to a fraction of what it would normally be and get a better result. This has yet to be proven, but it’s something I’m working on. It’s the next phase for me.” He hopes to create an antidote to the summer blockbuster genre. His desire is not to destroy it but to put films out there for fans of the science fiction genre who want something more thoughtful than a Transformers film, fashioned from a creative environment meant to nurture artistic impact, rather than another showpiece for the generic digital effects that dominate the industry. Trumbull seeks something with individuality.

(Source: latimesblogs.latimes.com)  The computer-animated 3-D stereoscopic movie, which was announced in 2006, has been beset with script problems and won’t be ready for release until January 2011, at the earliest. The story about a group of aliens plotting to escape from Area 51, the secret Nevada location famous for visiting non-earthling tourists, “Escape” was previously targeted for a 2010 release.

(Source: vfxworld.com) London – Escape Studios, the world’s leading school of computer graphics, has secured funding from leading UK Venture Capital Trust, Chrysalis VCT, to accelerate the development of its distance learning services for the computer graphics industries.

Chrysalis VCT’s investment reflects strong growth in the visual effects industry, with the UK Film Council predicting a boom in the film production industry in the second half of 2009. As the premier school of visual effects, Escape Studios provides learning, recruitment and technology services for the computer graphics industry. The funding will primarily be used to help the company fulfil its ambitions of driving international adoption of its industry-leading distance learning courses.

(Source: Variety) In a verdict handed down Thursday evening in Malibu, Christian Bradley “Brad” Call has won his wrongful termination suit against visual effects shop Digital Domain and has been awarded just under $2 million in damages.

Call was awarded $659,500 for breach of contract and over $1.2 million for wrongful termination.

On the wrongful termination claim, Call alleged that he was fired by executives of DD’s parent company, Wyndcrest Holdings, after he tried to prevent DD from presenting to a potential investor financial projections he thought were fraudulent. He prevailed on that claim.

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