After months of development, at 2:06am today, Burnette/Baigorria’s second product moved from ‘beta’ to ‘live’, as a July 4th release. The official release name is Lucca Palio Milan Burnette and weighs in at 5 lbs 11 oz, 19.5 inches. While this is indeed the second release from Burnette/Baigorria, they do not consider Lucca to be an ‘upgrade’, but instead an entirely new product line with a life of it’s own. The first release from this unstoppable pair of developers, Valades, will continue to be fully supported and is expected to continue to thrive and mature as its own product.

Managing director Tommy Burnette commented that “While I was an active participant at the inception of Lucca, throughout the development phases I was mostly there in a supportive and supervisory capacity. The real credit goes to our primary developer, Claudette, who tirelessly carried this project to term and is truly responsible for the final push of bringing our new release to fruition.”

Congratulations to the team. We all know that a lot of hard work and personal sacrifice went into the creation of this innovative breakthrough for the enjoyment of all. There will be massive fireworks displays across the country today in celebration of this achievement.

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