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(Source:  I have read seven stories this morning about the new Pixar animation studio in Vancouver.  It is positioned as a coup for Canada.  Every story has mentioned, in passing, the ‘tax break’ that got Pixar to Vancouver.

Now, here’s the deal – and it goes back to my previous post about ‘grants’ versus other kinds of incentives for economic development.

Listen to me carefully on this.  The tax credit program for new media in British Columbia will be worth five to 10 times as much cash to Disney/Pixar than any ‘grant’ ever given by McKenna or Lord (with the exception of the Molson deal).

(  The King is back

The giant ape will be resurrected in summer 2010 at the newly enhanced studio tour at Universal Studios Hollywood, the park announced today.

A previous King Kong attraction was introduced in 1986 and remained part of the tour until it was destroyed last year in a fire that also damaged the New York Street movie set.

While some people connect King Kong to the original black-and-white film with Fay Wray, Universal said its attraction is primarily based on the most recent remake of the famed story that was an Oscar winner in 2005. Officials said the new King Kong attraction will combine “visceral” effects with what Universal is calling the world’s largest Surround Digital projection system.

(Source: One way to increase your chances of landing a job in computer gaming, and other areas where computer-generated moving pictures are used, is to take a crash course in the specific practical skills you need.

One place you can do that is Escape Studios in west London, which is principally a training college for computer graphics artists.

“We aim to ground people and give them a thorough understanding, covering all the basics of 3D animation and giving them the chance to specialise in one of six different areas,” says chief executive, Dominic Davenport.

(Source: Not to be forgotten in light of yesterday’s big announcement that Pixar is opening a satellite studio in Vancouver is the multi-million dollar expansionnow underway of the studio’s headquarters in Emeryville. The Phase II project represents the biggest expansion of Pixar’s facilities since the move from Point Richmond to Emeryville in 2001.

Below are three photographs of the construction taking place generously taken by reader Christine Free, who works nearby 1200 Park Avenue. Notice the main building in the background in picture #2.

I hope to be able to provide readers with new photos of the site as construction (due to be completed in the spring of 2011) advances.

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