(Source: thewrap.com)  Regal Entertainment Group — one of North America’s largest theater chains with 6,793 screens in 551 theaters — has selected Sony 4K digital cinema projectors for its circuit, according to a source.

The deal, combined with the recent news that AMC Entertainment inked a deal to install the 4K technology — appears to put Sony on track to become the new digital cinema market leader in North America.

To date Texas Instruments’ DLP Cinema-based 2K projectors from Barco, Christie and NEC have dominated the market, with nearly 5,500 installed. Sony, in contrast, has a few hundred in place. But in March, Sony demonstrated that it was closing the gap when AMC — with 4,628 screens and 309 theaters in five countries — selected its gear.

First-quarter revenue for Vancouver-based Rainmaker Entertainment Inc. (TSX:RNK) fell 46% for the period ending March 31, due to what the company said were external production delays of a major animated film.

Revenue was $3.9 million compared with $7.2 million in 2008’s first quarter. The delay of Escape from Planet Earth resulted in a 31% decline in animation revenue over the same period a year ago. Delivery of the film has been delayed until the late fall of 2010, which has pushed production expected in the first quarter into the summer of this year.

(Source: news.awn.com) Paris, 15th May 2009. Inspired by the worldwide success of animation giant Haim Saban (creator and producer of the mega-successful series POWER RANGERS amongst many others), passionate French entrepreneur Jeremy Zag announced today the creation of his media production company Univergroup and its subsidiary ZAGTOON. The holding company will oversee film and TV production and ZAGTOON will be dedicated to the production of animation programs for the international market.

Seven years after seeing Haim Saban and Jacqueline Tordjman on France’s M6 business show “Capital”, Jeremy Zag has at last fulfilled his childhood dreams of producing blue-chip animation series for children.


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(Source: ft.com) Yet licences crossing in either direction between celluloid and consoles have not always been commercial or critical successes.

Lately, however, media companies have been taking a greater interest in games, particularly since Vivendi merged its Blizzard games unit with Activision in 2007.Time Warner has invested in several studios while Viacomowns Harmonix, developer of the Rock Band and Guitar Hero games.

Mr Guillemot is approaching the game-movie marriage from the other side. With the value of the games market now outstripping Hollywood, Ubisoft wants to work with studios on a more equal footing. “We can enrich movies and they can enrich games.”

(Source: Starpulse) Starpulse report that Sirs Ridley Scott and Anthony Hopkins will join forces again to bring arch-antihero Hannibal Lecter back to our screens.

Hopkins won the best actor Oscar for 1991’s Silence Of The Lambs and his portrayal of the psychopathic but manipulative doctor who likes to eat his patients – and anyone else he finds annoying.

Ridley Scott revived Hopkins’ Lecter in the controversially violent Hannibal in 2001, and the Welsh actor took the character out for a third spin in Brett Ratners remake of prequel Red Dragon the following year.

(Source: denofgeek.com) When the Starship Enterprise drops out of warp speed and stops at the planet Vulcan in the midst of JJ Abrams’ Star Trek reboot, the big screen carnage that greets it is the kind of effects spectacular that the Star Wars prequel trilogy only, for my money, got right once. The opening sequence to Revenge Of The Sith was the only one that came close to capturing the fun and energy of the original Star Wars movies. And yet while George Lucas got bogged down in intense mire and deathly seriousness with his second trilogy of films, Star Trek has now, surely, wrestled away the initiative when it comes to thrilling, spectacular blockbuster science fiction on the big screen.

For I finally caught Star Trek over the weekend, and can’t help but add my voice to the loudly singing chorus of praise for the film. Never mind the Star Trek canon or the science fiction genre in particularly: when was the last time we had a blockbuster summer movie of any genre as downright entertaining as this one? I loved last summer’s The Dark Knight, but it’s a far darker and intense beast. Star Trek was rounded fun of the first order, and my congratulations go to all involved.

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