(Source: io9) You’re going to need to see Star Trek a second time just to catch all the cameos and Trekin-jokes. Here’s our guide to the greatest, and most annoying, easter eggs in Trek.

Besides the obvious red shirt slaying and tip-of-the-hat to Sulu’s half naked fencing there were a lot of other super quick Trekkie and J.J. moments.

Hey Its What’s-His-Face:

The film is stuffed with plenty of Trekkie cameos, and here are some members of the Federation you really shouldn’t miss:

(Source: screendaily.com)  Singapore’s Media Development Authority (MDA) has unveiled details of a new fund, dubbed the International Film Fund (IFF), that will invest up to $3.4m (S$5m) each in 17-20 international projects.

The IFF is open to animation and live-action features at any stage of production, so long as the producers are partnered with a Singaporean production or post-production company and have an international sales agent on board.

Structured as a revolving fund, the IFF will make equity investments in selected projects in return for a share of revenue. An assessment committee will select the first round of projects by July 31. The MDA will also help selected projects tap into the $882m of private equity funding that is available to filmmakers in Singapore.

vfxConnection.com has launched as the fastest growing professional network for digital artists, rethinking the way talent acquisition happens in digital post-production and animation. Sliding in between the success of Facebook and LinkedIn, vfxConnection.com is a niche hybrid of the two: more professional than Facebook with more features than LinkedIn. Digital artists and producers are able to utilize the best of these two worlds on vfxConnection.com to bolster colleague relationships for more candid and global communication, increased visibility and to obtain work.

(Source: AWN) SIGGRAPH announces the selection of award nominees for the SIGGRAPH 2009 Computer Animation Festival to be held in New Orleans this August. Nominees were chosen from 770 submissions from around the globe, presented by both professional studios and students alike. In all, more than 140 films will be shown during the Computer Animation Festival. The award winners will be announced during the conference.
“We were thrilled with level of quality and technical expertise that was prevalent throughout the hundreds of submissions,” stated Carlye Archibeque, Computer Animation Festival Executive Producer from LightStage, LLC. “The Computer Animation Festival continues to show the power that the latest advances in computer graphics technologies have to amuse and entertain. As always the jury looked not only for amazing graphic content, but also good story telling, whether it was a film about a boy and his spaceship, or a film about new studies in Alzheimer’s research.”

(Source: geek.com)  J. Michael Stracznski, the creator of Babylon 5 which is the first TV program to use computer generated graphics, will speak at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). His encounter with computer graphics began in the early 1990’s when Ron Thornton, Foundation Imaging’s visual effects director, started working with the Commodore Amiga and New Tek’s Video Toaster, an add-on graphics card. The creators of Babylon 5 discarded the miniature, physical, static models of Star Trek for new possibilities.

(Source: io9)

Mega-nerd Protohiro compared screenshots of the exact same view of San Francisco from the Star Trek and Terminator Salvation trailers. Here’s Trek’s super-bright, super-big Frisco. Click through to see Terminator’s gloomy, Skynet-infested version.

Here’s the bleak post-Judgment Day version:

It’s pretty striking to see the exact same shot as portrayed in two very different movies, and it underscores how different the two films’ views of the future (and of technology) really are. And just for good measure, Protohiro also posted almost the same view, as it looks today:

[Protohiro on Flickr]

(Source: bit-tech.net) Electronic Arts has posted a huge loss this year, despite an effort to bring new titles to market.

Electronic Arts has just published the figures for its year-end finances and revealed that the company had a net revenue of more than USD 4.2 billion dollars, up by 15 percent compared to last year.

Unfortunately though, the mega-publisher also managed to accrue a net loss of USD 1.1 billion, which is another increase for the company. Electronic Arts only lost USD 454 million last year.

(Source: Engadget) Aw, snap. Just when you thought the 4K market couldn’t get any more dominated by RED and the gang, along comes JVC to shake things up. For reasons unknown, the company has chosen now (and not a few weeks back at NAB) to unleash its prototype 4K and 8K camcorders, both of which boast D-ILA technology and can capture clips at a downright mind-blowing 8,912 x 4,320 or 3,840 x 2,160 resolution. There’s also a more “compact” sibling which does 4K only, but even it provides plenty of pixels to zoom and pan in unprecedented clarity on. So JVC — you, us, CEDIA 2009. It’s a date, cool?

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