(Source: news.awn.com) VanArts is proud to present a two-day intensive Masterclass in Montreal with Story Artist Matthew Luhn and Animator Andrew Gordon from PIXAR Animation Studios! This is a one-time special event to be held in Montreal.

This seminar is designed for animation industry professionals, students or enthusiasts. Skill sets covered are not software-specific, and all lectures are organized with visuals, live-action and animated clips. This rare opportunity gives you the tools needed to create your own stories and feature-quality animation, plus offers a great chance to network and meet others in the industry.

Saturday June 13, 2009
9:00am – 4:00pm

(Source: latimes.com) Jerry Bruckheimer, the producer of action films and television shows such as “Top Gun,” “Black Hawk Down” and “C.S.I,” now thinks video games are where the action is.

Bruckheimer is the latest Hollywood kingpin to dive into the $50-billion-and-growing global game industry. Lured by software sales that have eclipsed those of the music industry and long ago surpassed box-office revenue, many film and TV executives have gone down the same path — only to find success elusive in the risky, hits-driven game business.

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