(Source: SlashFilm) Iron Man director Jon Favreau recently joined Twitter, and I was going to write a blog post about his entrance, but have decided instead to post a listing of all the writers, directors and actors that I’m aware of on the 140-character micro-blogging world. I’ve tried to concentrate on working actors over celebrities (for example, I didn’t include Britney Spears). I’m sure there might be some people I missed (especially in the screenwriter section). If you know of any credited screenwriters, directors or actors that we may have missed, please leave their Twitter names in the comments below.


Darren Lynn Bousman on TwitterWes Craven on TwitterDan Eckman on TwitterFred Durst on TwitterJJ Abrams on TwitterJon Favreau on TwitterJames Gunn on TwitterRian Johnson on TwitterDucan Jones on TwitterDavid Lynch on TwitterGreg Mottola on TwitterDavid Silverman on TwitterDavid Slade on TwitterKevin Smith on TwitterOndi Timoner on Twitter

Interested in a supernatural gaming experience? Ghost Buddy [App Store link] puts you in the middle of a graveyard at night to try and help some good ghosts and capture the baddies. The US$0.99 game has a unique form of game play. You use your iPhone/iPod touch like a virtual ghost viewer. As you move the phone up, down, left and right your view changes, so you get a 360 degree view of the foggy and spooky graveyard. You can move freely, even look straight down, or up above toward the sky. The good ghosts are white, and you have to return them to their graves. The bad ghosts are red, and you must defend against them.


Oh dear. Palm investor Roger McNamee appears to have had a little too much Red Bull before his interview in San Francisco yesterday. McNamee is a co-founder of Elevation Partners, which put an extra $100 million into Palm last December.

You know the beautiful thing: June 29, 2009, is the two- year anniversary of the first shipment of the iPhone. Not one of those people will still be using an iPhone a month later.

Them’s fightin’ words, and they remind us of some similar bravado from Palm CEO Ed Colligan back in 2006, before the iPhone wiped the floor with every single competitor: Colligan, on rumors of an iPhone:

We’ve heard the excuse a gazillion times: “Yo, I want to go solar, but like, where do you even buy this stuff? Oh snap, 0 percent financing on a Hummer H2!” Finally, you can have a solid answer to that very quip (the first part, at least), as household megastoreIKEA has begun stocking (in store; online is coming soon) a new series of solar-powered lighting supplies. The SOLIG series contains a handful of solar light sticks, orbs, garden lights, chain globes and even posts, all of which will surely brighten your outdoor patio, flower bed or Earth-friendly RV.

[Editor's Note: This is definitely worth watching. Good storytelling, well thought out concepts, intelligent 'futuristic but possible' interface design.]

World Builder from Bruce Branit on Vimeo.

Talk about a labor of love. Emmy-nominated VFX filmmaker Bruce Branit took two years post-processing this short film which was reportedly shot in one day, so it bears watching just for his troubles. But more so, this is one pretty nifty production with Minority Report overtones, revolving around a man who builds a world using holographic tools for the woman he loves. Branit, who won Internet fame for an earlier 3-minute clip called 405, possibly the first short film to be widely distributed on the Net and become a media sensation, should be well worth 9.15 minutes of your time in augmented reality. Look out for the touching twist at the end.

(Source: sfexaminer.com)  More than a decade of persistent development in the Presidio — largely the conversion of former military buildings into housing and offices for businesses and nonprofits — has put the national park on track to meet a federally mandated goal of financial  self-sufficiency by 2013.Congress turned the 1,491-acre federally owned northernmost tip of The City — a former military post — into a public park in 1994, and placed it under the authority of the then-newly formed Presidio Trust.

The park’s preservation came with a controversial catch, however: If park administrators failed to pay their own bills by 2012, the park’s buildings would be sold to developers and other private interests, according to the legislation.

George Miller, says that the fourth “Mad Max” film will now become a 3-D animated feature without any involvement from Mel Gibson. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

“We’ll probably go a different route,” Miller told MTV News about the potential talent voicing the lead role. The plot would be partly lifted from the script of the fourth “Max” film, which was set to shoot in 2003 until financing collapsed in the wake of the Iraq War.

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