There’s yet another case of heavy handedness from Apple in rejecting potential apps from the iPhone store. The creators of South Park have put almost all of their back episodes online at South Park Studios for Flash-based streaming, and last year it was announced to fans that they would be putting together an iPhone app to give mobile users access to that content.

(Source:  This is the third installment in our series “Wizards of Hollywood,” where we shine a spotlight on the masters of movie magic, the effects specialists who can dazzle us with screen images of liquid robots, giants and goblins, ferocious dinosaurs or just a special human soul who ages in reverse. Today, guest contributor Liesl Bradner interviews John Dykstra.

The state’s supercomputer is about to get its close-up with the movie industry.

Gov. Bill Richardson was at the Intel plant in Rio Rancho on Tuesday to announce the first commercial partnerships with the New Mexico Computing Applications Center and its supercomputer, Encanto. The new ventures initially are expected to create about 100 high-tech jobs. The partnerships are with firms in the media world and in health care.

Richardson called Encanto a major tool in developing a high-tech, high-wage economy.

DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc. is teaming up with Cerelink Digital Media Group of New Mexico to use the resources of the Computing Applications Center so DreamWorks can render its three-dimensional films in New Mexico.

(Source:  We are happy to announce Mr. Habib Zargarpour, the only Iranian-American who has been nominated for 2 Academy Awards, has agreed to be one of the judges for the 2009 Noor Film Festival.

Habib Zargarpour has had over 12 years of experience in visual effect for film. He spent 9 of those years at Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) where he first joined the team of The Mask in 1993 as a Technical Director. Subsequent projects included the development of such effects as the particle tornadoes in Twister, the digital oceans and stormy seas in The Perfect Storm, Spawn’s cape, and the pod race simulations and crashes in Star Wars Episode I.

Well, Toy Story 3 is definitely on its way (This eagerly awaited sequel will roll into theaters on June 10, 2010). As is  Cars 2 (The Studio recently moved up its release date to June 24, 2011). But based on the questions that Pete Docter kept fielding at Saturday’s  Up  panel at New York Comic-Con, what the fanboys really want to know is when is The Incredibles’ sequel showing up?

Mind you, the  Monsters, Inc.  director did have a bit of good news for the crowd in the IGN Theater. And I quote:

“Brad talked about it. He has some ideas.”

Sony is closing its PlayStation and Style stores in the Metreon, ending the company’s involvement with the San Francisco entertainment and retail complex it built 10 years ago and more recently sold to developers.

Sony said it will not renew the 10-year leases on the stores and will consider other locations for future retail sites. The flagship PlayStation store, the only one of its kind in the United States, will close June 16, while the Sony Style store will be shuttered sooner, on March 31.

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